Record-Setting Performance for the Hotel Industry in Q2 2018

Good news for hotel owners and operators at home and abroad! It looks like the 2nd Quarter of 2018 is turning out to be another record-setting performance for the hotel industry in all major sectors of growth. With all of the key metrics on the rise, the outlook is better than ever for hotels across the country and the world. Q2 2018 boosted big gains in the Occupancy Rate, RevPAR (Revenue per available room), and Average Daily Rate (ADR). From Houston to Miami, almost all of the major markets cities in the US are performing at levels higher than at this time last year. New York City was the clear winner in all three categories in the hotel industry with an ADR topping out at over $273. Overall, every category is up over last year and the numbers that came in for Q2 2018 have turned out to be the highest ever for any Q2 reporting!

Why are things looking so rosy for the hotel industry? The summer travel season provided the biggest boost with people heading out of town in larger numbers than in previous years. With a growing economy and school vacation in full swing, the 2nd quarter proved to be a winner for hotels. Demand grew more than 3% for rooms while supply was also on the rise up by 2.9%. We’ll break down the latest news to give you a quick summary of where things stand with the latest data from Q2 2018.

Occupancy Rate for Q2 2018 
It may not seem like much but the 1.1% in Occupancy Rate was a nice boost for the industry. Compared to the same time last year, the overall rate rose to more than 70% for all hotels in the country. The biggest winner for increase in occupancy rate was Houston, Texas which saw an increase of 4.4% to 65.6% total share. New York City sits at the top with a very impressive occupancy rate of 90%. 

Occupancy Rate for Q2 2018: +1.1% to 70.2%

Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) for Q2 2018
RevPar growth continues to go up at new levels never seen before. The hotel industry has now experienced a spectacular streak of 100 straight months of increase for Revenue per Available Room. Silicon Valley and the Bay Area saw the only double-digit bump in RevPAR. The San Francisco/San Mateo region was up just over 10% to $203.84. Analysts attribute the steady rise with the reopening and expansion project of the Moscone Center, the largest convention hall in San Francisco that spans more than three full city blocks.

RevPAR for Q2 2018: +4% ($91.94)

Average Daily Rate (ADR) for Q2 2018
The ADR came in just under 3% for Q2 with rises almost across the board for the top 25 markets in the US. Miami came out a winner as well with the second best increase in ADR up to 5.6% with a rate of $185.27. Of the major markets, only Boston saw a slight decrease in ADR of .1% but the rate was still $215.16. All other top cities were in positive territory for ADR including New York City which clocked in at just over $273 per night.

ADR for Q2 2018: +2.9% ($131.02)

International Data for Q2 2018
And the good news is not just limited to the United States. All across the world, the hotel industry saw record growth for Q2 2018. Asia was one of the top winners with numbers that keep on going up and up. 

Asia had a blistering quarter with lots of good news across the board. Australia set an all-time high for occupancy level in the 2nd quarter of any year with an impressive number of 73.2%, while the ADR hit 178.57AUD. Singapore saw the best levels since 2013 with an occupancy of 81.3%. Indonesia also experienced growth with an Occupancy Rate of +2.5% and RevPAR increase of 6.1%.

Asia Pacific Final Numbers for Q2 2018:

  • Occupancy: +1.0% to 70.4%
  • Average daily rate (ADR): +3.1% to US$105.00
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): +4.1% to US$73.95

In Central and South America, the data was also very positive. Recovery continued in Brazil, while occupancy in the region rose to 55.3% (up 2.4% from 2017). While Chile saw slight decreases, Colombia had a positive quarter with a +2.9% rise in RevPAR.

Central & South America Final Numbers for Q2 2018:

  • Occupancy: +2.4% to 55.3%
  • Average daily rate (ADR): +23.6% to US$117.24
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): +26.6% to US$64.80

Europe was another winner in the 2nd quarter. Dublin was especially hot with an impressive occupancy rate of almost 90% (89.6%). Moscow was a beneficiary of the 2018 World Cup which kept rooms packed throughout the tournament attracting fans from all over the globe. The final numbers for Moscow resulted in a 77.6% occupancy rate, an ADR with a steep increase of +78.9%, and a RevPAR that hit 95.5%. 

European Final Numbers for Q2 2018:

  • Occupancy: +1.1% to 75.5%
  • Average daily rate (ADR): +3.8% to EUR115.54
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): +4.9% to EUR87.20

With these record-breaking numbers for Q2 2018, we’ll turn our attention to the coming months to keep an eye on where the hotel industry heads from here. If the travel industry keeps improving along with the rest of the economy as a whole, it could be another rosy picture in the weeks ahead. Keep an eye on Davis Hotel Capital for the latest updates with in-depth analysis and data from the world’s leading experts.