Experienced Hotel Financing Services

DHC brings a unique experience set to each debt placement. By focusing on hotel capital markets, we are always in position to best understand which lenders are providing what debt product to the hotel sector in real time. Hotel lenders are constantly evolving and changing their criteria and focus. As a skilled intermediary, Davis Hotel Capital can provide access to the right kind of capital and to key decision makers. Our relationships and experience allow us to essentially be "pre-qualified" when we reach out to a Lender. Debt financing products we can arrange are:

  • Forward Commitments for loans that need to fund at a future date
  • Construction/Mini-Perm loans for new build hotels
  • Refinance of Existing Hotels, including Cash-Out Financing
  • Debt for Note Purchases, DPO's, and Auctions
  • Bridge Loans for Transitional Assets, including Renovation and Repositioning
  • Junior Debt, Mezz and Pref Equity placements to round out the Capital Stack